There is a tremendous gaP between public opinion and public policy

There is a tremendous gaP between public opinion and public policy

Our Governance and Public Policy program

Our Governance and Public Policy program seeks to promote an inclusive government for a more inclusive society.
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Palestinian Socio-political Context

With the establishment of the National Palestinian Authority following the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s, the nature of the social contract changed.

The Palestinian society underwent a political, economic and social paradigm shift for which it was largely unprepared. This dramatic shift produced new forms of structural and partisan systems which benefited a minority of Palestinians. As participatory mechanisms became more exclusive, new systems arose that were inconsistent with the needs and expectations of the Palestinian public.

As a result, a vacuum formed between decision makers and the general public. To address this issue, REFORM’s Governance and Public Policy Program was developed.

Reforming Structural Relations

REFORM sees that current public policy does not address the needs of the majority of Palestinian society. In order to address this deficiency, REFORM’s Governance and Public Policy program is calling for the renewal of the social contract. To achieve this, both civil society and official actors are engaged in a process of reforming structural relations shaped by public policies and practices. Such relationships include those between individuals, their communities and governing bodies.

Objectives of our Governance and Public Policy Program

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Strengthen the Palestinian public’s capacity to participate in decision-making processes.

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Hold decision-makers accountable.

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Increase the representation of marginalized groups, especially women and youth, in decision-making processes.

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Bridge Palestinian jurisdiction gaps.

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Enhance good governance and public policy practices among civil society organizations.

Facilitating the Inclusion of Women and Youth

Within its Governance and Public Policy Program, REFORM seeks to review and reform how policies are formulated. Through ensuring broad participation at all levels of governance and a needs-based approach, a more relevant and inclusive policy-making practices is developed. REFORM promotes public consultation in regulatory processes, raising awareness among the general public of the importance of participating in decision-making processes. Based on public consultation and informed by applied research, REFORM also makes recommendations to decision makers. These recommendations through submitted through advisory papers. In addition to traditional advocacy activities, REFORM initiated the ‘weekend solution’. This tool allows community members together with decision makers, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations to come up with innovative solutions to daily challenges. Thus, abilities of all stakeholders are consolidated into one ‘change pot’, which is part of REFORM’s Vision and Mission.

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