We’ve committed to sharing what we’ve learned.


We’ve committed to sharing what we’ve learned.

Everything you need to know about REFORM’s work is collected in our resources

We are hoping that other decision makers may gain useful insights to these tools to strengthen their impact in better responding to people’s needs.

Here you will find some useful resources which constitute a crucial part of our work at REFORM. Feel free to download the PDFs below! In case you are facing any problems to open up the PDFs please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader  (available for: Windows, Mac OS, and Android).
The resources are updated periodically, such as its plans, achievements and publications.

Various Resources


Innovation Hub – New Design Booklet

Opinion Papers

Quotations & Tenders

We publish quotations and tenders from the last year on our website.
If you would like to view older quotations or tenders, feel free to contact us.

Vacancy Announcements

Event Agendas

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