Social Mobilizers

Status: vacancy announcement
Job Title: Social Mobilizers
Application Deadline: Saturday, November 12th 2022.
Duty Station: Al- Fawar Camp- Hebron, Tulkaram Camp, and Gaza, Khan Younis Camp.
Type of Contract:  Service provider contract.
Languages Required: Arabic, and English is advanced
Starting Date: Immediately.
Expected Duration of Assignment: December 2022 to July 2023

Background of REFORM:
The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM is a Palestinian NGO that works in the field of empowerment and local development, seeking to promote inclusion and social solidarity in Palestine through empowering marginalized hard-to-reach groups. REFORM aims to enhance the social and political participation of these groups and community activism, facilitate equal access to public utilities by strengthening youth and women's capabilities, and provide a reliable database for Palestine's political and administrative decision-makers.

Role overview: 
-Organizing and leading cultural sessions and recruiting target groups.
-Organizing 26 cultural sessions and meetings from December 2022 until July 2023.

Functional Tasks:
1. Preparing the action plan for the cultural track.

2. Recruiting the target groups in the target areas of the project.
3. Managing the logistic framework and the cultural track activities in accordance with the project plan.
4. Building and managing close contacts and relationships with key stakeholders, project partners and NGOs.
5. Implement 26+/- cultural sessions and meetings for each location in Al- Fawar Camp, Tulkaram Camp, and Gaza, Khan Younis Camp from December 2022 to July 2023 with a possibility of 25% of change with the number of sessions.
6. Compliance with REFORM Association and commitment with donors and the Association’s procedural manuals.
7. Providing the necessary support in preparing technical reports and following up on completion reports.
A. Write news articles about the cultural track's activities and maintain the information flow to the Palestinian public.
B. Provide technical support for the project coordinator.
C. Duly drafting the necessary purchase orders and service provider agreements.
8. Prepare Pre-Post reports to evaluate the participants' level of interaction.
9. To come to REFORM in Ramallah for a monthly meeting to follow up with files and activities.
10. Archive all materials for the activities. 

 Qualifications and required skills
1. Bachelor's degree.

2. At least two years of relevant practical experience in the field of facilitating dialogue meetings, specifically literary discussions.
3. At least 3 years of experience in project management.
4. A broad and deep understanding of the political, social and cultural framework, specifically the refugee community and youth issues.
5. Excellent interpersonal, communication, presentation and organization skills.
6. The ability to prepare the necessary monthly reports.
7. He/she has extensive relations with youth, target groups and stakeholders in the targeted areas.
8. The ability to commit to carrying out activities as required at any time or day of the week in Al- Fawwar Camp, Tulkaram Camp, and Gaza, Khan Younis Camp.
9. The ability to implement, evaluate, and follow up on activities.
10. Deep knowledge in the cultural and traditional reality of the Palestinian camps.

REFORM will select and contract with three social mobilizers out of the total number of candidates.

Apply instructions:
Qualified candidates should send the following:

- An updated CV including three professional references.
- A cover letter detailing their interest and qualifications for this position.
- Submit a financial offer in EUR per working hour via email.

A price offer showing the cost of executing one session, including the above-mentioned parameters. Noting that the duration of the session is 2 hours, and each session requires writing a news item, preparation and closing.

To the email address:

Evaluation Criteria:
Criteria Evaluation 70% Technical and 30% Financial. The 70% will be divided into 15% Bachelor's degree, 10% practical experience in dialogue meetings and literacy discussions, 10% experience in project management, 10% communication and leadership skills, 10% availability at any day and time. 15% in writing reports and preparations.

Deadline for submitting applications is: Saturday, November 12th 2022, before 14:00 pm.

-Please indicate the position title as "Social Mobilizer " in the email subject line.

-Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.
-CVs with photos or any other distinctive signs will not be considered.
Incomplete applications or applications that do not follow the instructions will not be considered.