Date: 15.02.2023

Dear Sir or Madam,
Greetings from REFORM Association

Subject: Request for Quotation-Researcher

REFORM is planning to contract with Researcher within the framework of REFORM’s project. We would like to ask for your quotation regarding the item mentioned above, please submit your offer latest by Thursday, 02.03.2023, before 15:00 pm.

Needed Background:

- Master’s degree in gender studies or related field (sociology, anthropology, psychology, etc.)
5 years of relevant experience in conducting research, writing literature reviews, analyzing data in qualitative methodology.
- Deep knowledge of the research topic "new masculinities, gender equity, gender roles, and/or gender-based violence would be beneficial".
- Knowledge of identifying key players /main actors for the research topic (formal and informal institutions, and relevant individuals and stakeholders).
- Deep experience in analyzing data and information and converting them into results.
- Solid communication skills and sensitivity to gender issues and gender-based violence terminology.
- Ability to contact and communicate with focus groups and different stakeholders.
- Effective communication, and prompt response follow-up with the work team, to reflect the required observations and amendments related to the research topic.
- Ability and skill to write the research in a language which is clear, understandable and smooth manner.

Scope of work:
General objective:

- Preparation of a Participatory Study on structural gender gaps, new masculinities and social attitudes towards gender discrimination in the governorates of Qalquilya, Salfit, Tubbas and Tulkarem.

Specific objectives of the study:
- Defining the social cultural factors, that may lead to an increase in gender-based violence.
- Defining masculine behaviors at the individual, family and community levels that may lead to an increase in gender-based violence.
- Analyzing the power relations between the two sexes at the level of the family and the general Palestinian context.
- Showing the impact of discriminatory attitudes against women on their rights and freedom in the public and private spheres
- The study should show an analysis of the objectives above at the level of each governorate individually at the level of gender and age, and at the level of actors and stakeholders.

Other requirements:
- The research should be submitted in Arabic with an abstract in English.
- The font is Simplified Arabic size 14 and without spaces between lines.
- The research should be submitted via e-mail, spelling and grammar checked.
- Review existing literature on new masculinities
- Identify gender issues and challenges in relation to new masculinities in the current social and cultural context
- Analyze the impact of new masculinities on gender equity, gender roles, and gender-based violence
- Develop recommendations for policies, programs, and interventions to support gender equity and the development of new masculinities.

General Background:

1. About the project:

This research will be part of “Unveil” project which is a part of a broader strategy for the comprehensive protection of the rights and dignity of Palestinian people under occupation in accordance with International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, with special emphasis on gender equity and child protection, which ACPP has been developing since 2018, with funding from AEXCID, together with the Palestinian organizations PARC, PHG and PSCCW (Action Group). But with this intervention we intend to introduce one more line of work to strengthen the empowerment of Palestinian women and youth, and to transform the structural factors underlying their situation of inequality and vulnerability through the identification of new alliances, actors or movements of urban/feminist/youth women, as well as alternative forms of collective organization, that know how to give voice and public visibility to these groups of rights holders, expanding their capacity to claim rights and thus impact on the main socio-political barriers that hinder their full development.

2. Methodology:
- The study will be conducted in the four targeted governorates (Tubas, Qalqilya, Tulkarem and Salfit), and should include a review of the literature in the social and cultural context related to violence and discrimination against women, the patriarchal system, and the formations of masculinity in Palestinian society.
This study should involve focus groups with the participation of at least 80 people (40 women and 40 men) who are rights holders, in-depth interviews with relevant actors, such as activists, representatives of civil society and representatives of institutions at the governorate level.
To provide a precise determination of the methodology is made in terms of the sample, its number, and the quantitative and qualitative methodology in the artistic presentation.

General Notes:
- Application is for individuals. In the case of companies, a CV of the main researcher must be attached, as the evaluation will be based on the CV of the main researcher only.
- The implementation time frame is 60 days.
- REFORM has the right to request the necessary clarifications.
- Half Payment will be made after the submission of the research and the other half after approving it from REFORM.
- Submit payment request

Submission Criteria:

-Individuals who meet the needed background and are interested in implementing the training. Kindly see the below mentioned requirements for applying.

1. Technical offer must include:
Resume should be sent in English. (Resumes with a personal picture will not be considered).
2. Price offer should be drafted in English and submitted in EURO per day (8 hours) including transportation. All taxes must be included in the final price.

- Financial and technical offer must be submitted in English and signed/or stamped in the offer should be in separate sealed envelopes by hand to the following address: The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development- REFORM, Tirawi Building, 2nd floor in Al Masyoun, Ramallah.

- REFORM is not obliged to choose the lowest price.
- Individuals are only accepted.
- Individuals can submit a valid deduction on source certificate or else 10% the total payment will be deducted as income tax.
- We will be evaluating each applicant based on the following weights:



Technical Offer (Resume must reflect the following)


1.     An updated CV reflecting the required knowledge (5%) research experience (19%) and certifications (5%) in the field


2.     A two-page summary of the cultural and social dimensions of masculinity, violence, discrimination, and gender-based violence in Palestine, such as: (unemployment, political and social instability, poverty, job discrimination, etc.


proposed specific research methodology.


1.     Proposed action plan (15 working days) with a time frame up to 2 months implementation, with preference given to who submits a shorter time frame (less than 60 days).


Financial Offer

The financial offer in euro should include a break down, providing that it includes a description of each task and its cost.



For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following contact details:

Telefax: 02-2966645, Email:

Thank you for your kind cooperation,

Sincerely yours,
Procurement Unit