Date: 07.03.2023

Dear Sir or Madam,

Greetings from REFORM Association

Subject: Request for Quotation- Leadership Trainer

The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM is a Palestinian NGO that works in the fields of empowerment, local development, and social transformation. Seeking to promote inclusion and social solidarity in Palestine through empowering marginalized hard-to-reach groups, and structural reform. REFORM aims to enhance the social and political participation of marginalized hard- to-reach groups and community activism, to facilitate equal access to public utilities through strengthening the capabilities of young and women, and to provide a reliable database for the political and administrative decision makers in Palestine.

Thus, REFORM seeks to contract a Leadership Trainer in accordance with the following parameters:

Please submit your offer latest by Tuesday, 14.03.2023, before 15:00 pm.

Needed Background:

- Master's degree in social science, humanitarian studies, political science, public policy or relevant studies.
5 years or more of experience leadership training skills.
- Advanced knowledge of the Palestinian political, Economic, and social context.
- Deep knowledge of the reality of the Palestinian refugee camps and the work of the Communication skills.
- Ability to manage and facilitate the sessions.
- Deep knowledge of the reality of the Palestinian camps and the responsibilities of the popular committees for the camps and the roles required of them.

Specific required tasks:
- Developing the skills of young participants in leadership skills. (Clarified below)
- Design a leadership training with creative tools.
- Introducing the concept of leadership and participatory leadership.
- Improve leadership skills for participants including:
1. Self-awareness, self-affirmation, Strategic thinking skill
2. Communication and connection skills
3. Decision making skill
4. The skill of influence and persuasion
5. The skill of using body language.
- The contracting party may delegate another trainer to carry out training on a specific skill, with the aim of searching for specialization in order to reach effective training.

- Implementation of a three-day training (eight hours a day).
- Subsequently, for two months of training the implementation of eight sessions, each session for hours.
- Preparing a Pre and Post evaluation to measure the change in the participants’ abilities.
- Preparing the training program and follow up session.
- Preparing a technical report that reflects the training outputs, group dynamics and evaluation analysis.


The training in leadership will be for Youth shadow council which is a group from 19 person (19-29), REFORM will support them to exercise their leadership roles by meeting with members of popular committees to voice out their needs and concerns of their camps, learn about what is being done and actively participate in policy-making and the development of solutions. REFORM will select one member from each camp to join the shadow council. The members will be invited to attend bi-monthly meetings with the Executive Office of Refugees. Each member will be invited to attend the meetings of his or her popular committee in their respective camps.

YLA project: aims to create a new perspective for young men and women in Palestinian camps by providing them with critical thinking tools and the ability to solve problems.  This is done in order to learn how to lead change in their environment and increase their participation in decision-making through the project activities. Multiple channels and bridges are created that form platforms for young men and women to raise the level of social and political participation.

Submission Criteria:
Individuals who meet the needed background and are interested in implementing the training. Kindly see the below mentioned requirements for applying.

1. Technical offer (70%) must include:
- An updated CV reflecting the required knowledge and Experience and certifications in the field 30%
- implementation plan (Training material, Agenda. The goal of each session, time frame   40%

General Notes:
- Application is for individuals. In the case of companies, a CV of the main researcher must be attached, as the evaluation will be based on the CV of the main researcher only.
- The implementation time frame is 60 days.
- REFORM has the right to request the necessary clarifications. 

2. The financial offer (30%) Price offer should be drafted in English and submitted in ILS per day (8 hours) including transportation. All taxes must be included in the final price.

Financial and technical offer must be submitted in English and signed/or stamped in the offer should be in separate sealed envelopes by hand to the following address:

1. The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development- REFORM, Tirawi Building, 2nd floor in Al Masyoun, Ramallah.

2. Registration in the organization's electronic procurement system through the link: REFORM (

Those wishing to participate in the preparation of the plan and who meet the above conditions should submit their financial and technical offers in the sealed envelope to the address of the Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development REFORM-, located in Ramallah, Al-Masyoun, Al-Tirawi Building, second floor no later than Tuesday 17.03.2023 until 15:00 pm, taking into account the following:

- REFORM is not obliged to choose the lowest price.
- Individuals are only accepted.
- Individuals can submit a valid deduction on source certificate or else 10% the total payment will be deducted as income tax.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following contact details:
Telefax: 02-2966645, Email:

Thank you for your kind cooperation,

Sincerely yours,

Procurement Unit