A statement from the Civil Coalition for Promoting Civil Peace and the Rule of Law:

We emphatically denounce the heinous acts of targeting civilians and Hebron municipality members.

The Civil Coalition to Promote Civil Peace and the Rule of Law strongly condemns the heinous shooting and kidnapping incident in Hebron. These attacks, including the recent targeting of Mr. Abdul Karim Farrah and Dr. Asmaa Al-Sharbati, pose a grave threat to our community's security and stability. Perpetrators must be held accountable under the law.

We also strongly condemn any acts of violence against municipal members, public officials, or citizens. We call for an immediate and transparent investigation into these incidents, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable and face justice. This is essential to guarantee the safety of all citizens and local representatives.

These violent incidents erode the municipal council's efforts and impede its effective functioning. Municipal councils are pivotal in delivering essential services to our citizens, and when their members face threats or violence, it can deter their engagement in public matters, ultimately hampering their capacity to address community needs. Moreover, such attacks on council members erode public trust in local government, straining the relationship between citizens and state institutions. Consequently, these actions pose a direct threat to our social cohesion and civil peace.

Hence, we urge the security authorities to promptly investigate the crime, guarantee security and stability for all citizens, and take resolute action to prevent and combat violent incidents. Enhancing security measures is imperative. We are committed to intensifying our efforts to protect all citizens and local officials, offering unwavering support to both the residents and members of Hebron. 

We stand in unwavering solidarity with the Hebron Municipality members during this challenging time, offering our full support and condemning the cowardly attack they've endured. 


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