This year, we celebrate an achievement close to our hearts. We are celebrating REFORM's 10th anniversary.

In 2012, the Palestinian political and social spheres suffered from the existing divisions. Gaza is far from the West Bank and Jerusalem is isolated from its surroundings.

A group of young women and men shared a common goal and came together to provide sustainable interventions in order to empower social groups within Palestinian society.

They established REFORM to contribute to the restoration of targeted audience's belief that they can influence and properly engage. REFORM became a safe space for influence and change to transform society's vision and reduce social dissonance.

REFORM has been working for the past ten years on bridging the social components based on age, gender and geography.

Our work exceeded expectations because of the young men and women who participated in our projects with great energies bound together by the reform goals. REFORM adopts a plural framework with interventions that are close to the public's needs. We search for contradiction and turn it into a common ground. REFORM provides tools and safe spaces for expression to be presented to decision-makers and enhances the public's ability to believe in their ideas.

Over the past ten years, thousands of young women and men have benefitted from our projects every year. Many of whom proceeded to assume leadership positions in their communities. REFORM reached all Palestinian cities and many marginalised and hard-to-reach communities. We also aimed to cause sustainable change by restoring the people’s initiative in holding decision-makers accountable to their needs. three government performance reports were produced, over 25 policy & position papers and more than 20 research papers.

To this day, REFORM has been able to listen to people’s needs and influence decision-makers. We look forward to creating even more policies related to the public’s needs in the next ten years. We want to empower the leadership role for young men and women and establish a cohesive Palestinian society that rejects complex power relations.

In the next ten years, we are committed to creating the collective agency of social transformation and amplifying people’s voices and needs, and holding decision-makers both on local and national levels accountable to the people’s needs.

Thank you for being our partners in REFORM and believing in us!

Mohammad Rabah
Chairman of the Board