Given the harsh conditions that Jenin Refugee Camp is going through today, we replace our weekly analysis with a press release issued by the Department of Refugee Affairs (DORA) at the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). This statement explains the current situation and its consequences.


Dr. Abu Houli denounces the crimes of the Israeli Occupation in the Jenin camp and calls on the international community to provide international protection for Palestinians.

26.01.2023. The Department of Refugee Affairs (DORA) of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the popular committees in the Palestinian camps denounced the massacre committed by the Israeli Occupation in Jenin camp resulting in having 9 martyrs and at least 20 recorded injuries, which include four serious cases.

The member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and head of the Department of Refugee Affairs (DORA), Dr. Ahmed Abu Houli, stated in a press release issued today that "The Israeli escalation in the northern governorates and their camps and the accompanying killing and destruction of homes, in which the number of martyrs and wounded continue to rise, reflects the extent of extremism that rules Israel."

Dr. Abu Houli described what is occurring in Jenin Refugee Camp as an organised state of terror and the tendency for collective punishment practised by the Occupation and its army. This is in light of the suspicious silence of the international community and a violation of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy.

Dr. Abu Houli continues the statement by saying that Israel is the only country that continues to violate UN resolutions. It refuses to apply and comply with UN demands and continuously violates international laws through its aggression against Palestinians and their homes. These are war crimes punishable by the international humanitarian law.

He also called on the international community to take responsibility by holding Israel accountable for its crimes and pressuring to stop its open war against Palestinians. In which innocent civilians fall, especially in Jenin Refugee camp, and provide international protection for Palestinians. 

He stressed that the Israeli crimes would not undermine the determination and will of Palestinians. It will not affect the Palestinian camps, which will remain the fuel of popular resistance in the face of the Occupation until independence is achieved and the state is established.

Dr. Abu Houli ended his statement with a call to the Palestinian people to unite in confronting the extremism and aggression of the Occupation and its plans to undermine the Palestinian government and its institutions. They are attacking the Palestinian national project to impose a state transcends the rights of our Palestinian people endorsed by international laws.