The Israeli escalation is represented by systematic policies that are based on the continuous targeting of Palestinian civilians. Continuous invasions of Palestinian cities and communities, along with the approval of establishing new settlements, reflect the general trend of the occupation government.  Security and military solutions are pursued to impose political conditions on the Palestinians. The occupation committed a massacre in the city of Nablus on Wednesday, 22.02.2023. This crime resulted in the death of 11 Palestinians and more than 134 injuries, including 9 in serious and critical condition. This was preceded by a massacre in Aqabat Jaber camp in Jericho and a massacre in Jenin camp. The number of Palestinian victims is now 63 since the beginning of this year alone.

These crimes are committed against humanity, undermining the Palestinians' dream of an independent, connected and secure state in which Palestinians can live freely with dignity guaranteed by international conventions. Spaces of increasing violence are created which may not be controlled or reversed. Additionally, these attacks occur throughout the Palestinian geography; especially in the Palestinian areas classified as "A". This is considered a violation of the international agreements concluded under the auspices of the international community, indicating a deliberate weakening of the international community's ability to intervene. From this standpoint, we stress the importance of strengthening the ability of the international community to fulfil its commitments.

Therefore, international human rights institutions and organisations must intervene quickly to provide protection for the Palestinians. They must hold the occupation legally accountable for the crimes it commits on a daily basis against the Palestinians. They need to take measures with the international community to provide protection for Palestinians and ensure that the occupation respects the Geneva Conventions. Finally, human rights cannot be bartered with the occupation's political tracks. Stalled settlement is no longer useful in the face of the continuous violation infected against Palestinian civilians.

End of statement.