REFORM and the MOEHE discuss the regularity of electoral processes.

Youth Participation in the Democratic Processes

The Palestinian Association for Local Empowerment and Development- REFORM held a meeting in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to discuss the effects of regulating the electoral process within Palestinian universities. The meeting was held in order to pass along the recommendations, formulated by youth activists during a workshop organized by REFORM in July. This workshop had previously which for ending the split and restructuring the political system.

Among the participants of the meeting: the Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education, Dr. Ehab Al-Qubaj; the Director General of University Education at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Raed Barakat; the Director of Students Activities in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Ayman al-Hudali; and the Director of Cultural Relations, Ms. Abeer Daraghmeh. Members of the Advisory Council of the Rooftop Debate Project, Mr. Murad Harfoush and Mr. Nasser Shrayaa, also participated in the meeting along with the Project Officer at REFORM, Mr. Nadim Qandil, and the Project Coordinator, Mrs. Rawan Sharqawi.

Members of REFORM and the Ministry of Education and Higher education are gathered in a meeting to discuss tools for regulating the electoral process in Palestinian universities.
Members of REFORM and the Ministry of Education & Higher education in a meeting about the electoral process

Good Governance Practices

Dr. Ehab asserted the Ministry’s interest in holding regular elections due to its impact on enhancing the political participation of students. He pointed out that the Ministry will be supervising the electoral process. He also stated that there is a complementary relationship among the Ministry, civil society associations and Palestinian universities and that the Ministry cooperates with universities to promote the concepts of democracy and enhance the socio-political participation of youth.

In addition, participants discussed tools for developing interventions that would ensure the regularity of the democratic and electoral process. Participants agreed to continue the discussion by inviting universities, colleges, institutes and Heads of council members to participate in a comprehensive dialogue in order to develop a unified electoral system within Palestinian universities. Moreover, they discussed the importance of implementing an annual monitoring report to assess the periodicity of elections within Palestinian universities as well as the good governance practices within these universities. Participants also recommended raising the awareness of students on the importance of their political role, while preventing any external intervention.

About the Project

This activity is part of The “Rooftop Debate – Drivers of Political Change” project. This project aims to create a network of powerful social and political young leaders and equip them with supporting tools. These tools would enable them to create social change by directing them to find solutions to their problems and concerns. This leads to promoting social cohesion, ensuring pluralism and strengthening civil peace within society. The project also seeks to provide safe and interactive platforms that connect young activists with representatives of Government bodies and civil society organizations. In doing so, youth will be capacitated to voice out their concerns and engage in shaping public policies that are more responsive to their social and political needs.

This project is implemented in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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