Designing Lobbying and Advocacy Campaigns

REFORM held a training workshop on lobbying and advocacy campaigns at the Innovation Hub.

Initiating Change

The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM concluded a four-day training workshop on designing lobbying and advocacy campaigns. 25 youth participants attended this workshop at the Innovation Hub.

The training aimed to empower youth participants to use lobbying and advocacy tools. In this way, participants will be more enabled to influence decision-making processes through voicing out their needs and concerns using creative campaigns. The workshop contributed to the development of supportive social structures as well as the establishment of a network of social and political activists, who are willing and able to initiate change within their communities.

 a mixed group of beneficiaries are gathered in a discussion during the training on designing lobbying and advocacy campaign.

Promoting Social Accountability and Youth Participation

The training workshop targeted youth groups from various marginalized areas within Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron, Bethlehem and Salfit governorates. It challenged the participants to come up with innovative intervention tools and mechanisms. These mechanisms will support their needs and interests through the implementation of lobbying and advocacy campaigns.

The participants worked on developing three plans for advocacy and lobbying campaigns. One campaign entitled, “A Homeland Blend” aimed to enhance the participation of youth in decision-making processes. Another campaign called, “We Are Here” worked to promote democracy within the political parties. The last campaign, “Can’t You’re here?!” aimed to urge decision makers to conduct legislative council elections. Each plan consisted of the name of the campaign, its slogan, justifications, implementation process and brochures.

Sana Odeh, a participant of the project, highlighted the importance of the training workshop in clearly identifying the role of youth in socio-political life. She also stated that these campaigns worked to provide youth with equal opportunities to engage in the political process in the midst of challenges that hinder their full participation.

A group of beneficiaries gathered holding a diagram during the training on designing lobbying and advocacy campaign.

About our Project

This training workshop comes as part of “Political Mobilizers for Change” Project, in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid. This project aims to enhance the participation of youth in decision making processes through building their capacities and rethinking the social structures to provide them with platforms to participate effectively towards achieving societal change. The project also seeks to engage women in local councils and empower youth to participate in policy paper development and designing campaigns, and hold decision making processes accountable to the communities’ needs by implementing a number of meetings with decision makers in order to challenge exclusionary patterns in the democratic processes.

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