Written by: Rami Mihdawi

In order to not repeat previous articles, I continuously warn that temporary solutions are means for delaying the deterioration of the situation. The current situation needs serious consideration for the voices of change, especially for the crisis that harms the social fabric, civil peace and citizens. 

Birzeit University, which I proudly belong to, is experiencing a series of expected crises. I have written more than one article. What is currently happening is a sample of the Palestinian reality, which no longer accepts temporary solutions and requires serious actions before it collapses.

Meanwhile, Nablus or as it is called in folk culture, the Fire Mountain, Young Damascus and the Nest of Scholars. It is the city of Ahmed Touqan, Suleiman Al-Nabulsi, Sheikh Abdul Hamid Al-Sayeh, Rawhi Al-Khamash, Fadwa and Ibrahim Touqan, Hikmat Al-Masry, Taher Al-Masry, Bassam Al-Shaka’a, Soraya Malhas, Maryam Hashem, Awni Abdel-Hadi and Dhafer Al-Masry. This city holds a history and a present that we bow in respect and glory. With its recent events, Nablus puts a red flag on decision-making that affects the livelihood of its citizens.

What happened in Nablus is not a particular case. It applies to all Palestinian cities, villages and camps in various forms. Thus, several questions arise for the decision-maker: Were lessons learned? Did you listen to the needs of the street away from agendas? When will the solution for Nablus and the whole country come before we lose what remains of our souls?!

Between Birzeit University and Nablus, there is a story of a homeland in need of loyal citizens who are comfortable enough to present and apply solutions, whatever the cost.

The solution does not lie in a cup of coffee, a picture on "Facebook" and so on!! It requires a change of tools, positions and thinking and having a plan to address the suffering of citizens.

Palestinians are overburdened with promises that do not fulfil their needs. Loose statements disable the confidence of the Palestinians in the institution. Wasting time without serious, quick and thoughtful treatment will make matters ignite even further. This is what no Palestinian wishes. The university and Nablus are a model for an explosion that I fear will happen!

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