REFORM discusses ways to enhance the sociopolitical participation of youth

The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM implemented a “Who’s Behind Me” game with the participation of a group of youth at Jabal Annar Cultural Club in Nablus. The activity aimed at exploring stereotypes related to the sociopolitical participation of youth, in order to address the root causes of the reasons and the challenges that hinder them from participating effectively in society.

During the workshop, participants were engaged in a discussion on the main reasons behind the reluctance of youth to participate in political life. Moreover, participants came up with some recommendations to address this issue.

The participants shared some success stories of Palestinian youth and women, the reasons behind their success along with the challenges that they faced, stressing the need for developing tools that could promote the role of youth and women, as they highly contribute to the development of society.

The association aims through this activity to deal with differences amongst individuals and groups as an additional value that promotes cultural diversity in the society. Moreover, it aims to create safe spaces to encourage wide participation and to ensure intellectual pluralism among various components within Palestinian society.

Sarah Qashou’, a participant, pointed out that the interactive setting of the activity allowed her to be involved in a fun and purposeful environment at the same time. She added: “The pictures that were used helped in understanding the true impact of stereotypes related to the role of youth on individuals and groups in society.

This activity is part of the Innovation Hub – Sociocultural Platform which seeks to contribute to bridging the gaps between the various community components on both social and economic levels; 1) providing a safe and interactive platform to enable all members of different groups of society to participate in decision making processes, especially youth and women; 2) to improve their living conditions by developing untraditional production patterns, enhancing cooperation and partnership between targets groups, and increasing social responsibility of the private sector.

This work will be achieved with Facilitating Social Participation of Palestinian Refugees – GIZ implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).