REFORM strives for a society where everyone has the capacity to participate effectively, individual and collective rights are respected, and pluralism is ensured in an independent Palestinian state.


REFORM adopts a strategy of sustainably empowering marginalised groups, in particular youth and women from hard-to-reach communities, through establishing safe acting platforms, encouraging community-led developmental processes and shaping a more inclusive governing systems that is responsive to people’s needs. In this way, REFORM addresses various social fault lines and enhances the individual and collective abilities of women and youth, contributing to the formation of a fairer society where women and youth take leading roles in public life and governing bodies. 


Guiding Principles


We believe that empowering social groups, especially marginalised groups, towards comprehensive participation in society is a prerequisite to improving the living conditions of Palestinians.


Transparency and Accountability

We hold that access to information is an inviolable right for every Palestinian, supporting transparency and accountability throughout society. Ownership We champion a needs-based approach, strengthening local capacities to lead community development.



We are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our interventions; Based on the needs of our beneficiaries and building on their skills and talents, we empower REFORM’s participants to continue being active beyond our interventions.



We seek to enhance our human and institutional capacity with the aim of ensuring effectiveness and transparency in everything we do.