REFORM organizes a tour for youth groups in Al-Jalazone Refugee Camp

As part of the Innovation Hub Project, The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM implemented a tour in Al-Jalazone Refugee Camp for a group of youth from different Palestinian cities and villages. The aim of this activity was to familiarize youth, who have not previously visited the camp, with the hard living conditions inside the camp develop tools to address stereotyping among different Palestinian cultures.

The activity also aimed at promoting social cohesion between refugees and non-refugees through combating the stereotypical images they have developed towards one another as well as bridging the gaps resulted from geographical divisions among them.

The tour contributed to establishing participatory interactive spaces, through which, the participants were able to exchange their experiences with youth from the camp. They were also able to reflect on their concerns amid the current state of marginalization and the limited access of services within Palestinian refugee camps, which hinders the establishment of proper communication channels among different social components, thus, developing negative stereotype towards the camp.

The participants toured inside the alleys of the camp and organized a friendly football match with the youth team of Yasser Arafat Academy. Afterwards, they visited Haytham Arar, a woman activist, toget acquainted with the role of women in enhancing social life inside the camp. Then, they met Abu Esmail Kharoub, who narrated stories about displacement and the Nakba.

This activity is part of the Innovation Hub – Sociocultural Platform which seeks to contribute to bridging the gaps between the various community components on both social and economic levels; 1) providing a safe and interactive platform to enable all members of different groups of society to participate in decision making processes, especially youth and women; 2) to improve their living conditions by developing untraditional production patterns, enhancing cooperation and partnership between targets groups, and increasing social responsibility of the private sector.

This work has been achieved in cooperation with Facilitating Social Participation of Palestinian Refugees – GIZ implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GIZ).