REFORM discusses the establishment of social incubator to combat the stereotypical role of women in society

As part of “Active Men for Women Leaders” project, and with the attendance of Biddu Municipality President, Mr. Salem Abu Eid, and a number of social activists in Biddu, the Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development-REFORM carried out a peer to peer session entitled “The Source of Your Power”. The aims of this session was to support women, protect their rights in various fields, and encourage them to achieve their goals through challenging stereotypes that hinder women from working. This session focused on the importance of engaging women in the decision-making process and its impact on promoting the Palestinian political experience.

The session reflected on several examples of women leaders in Biddu and asserted the necessity of providing them with continuous encouragement in order to enable them to lead social action in municipalities or women institutions in Biddu. Attendees also discussed the importance of establishing a social incubator that supports the social development process through performing some changes on the roles assigned for women and engaging them in unconventional fields.

Furthermore, attendees referred to the social transformation process; stressing that it is a complicated procedure that should be deeply ingrained in homes and schools and take into consideration the experiences of university students, who were previously acquainted to different social models.

At the end of the session, Mr. Salem Abu Eid expressed his pride in working with female municipality members in Biddu. He also said that there is an excessive need for more women members in Biddu Municipality, in order to benefit from their experiences in further developing the village.

This activity is part of societal opportunities for startup institutions, implemented by the development of NGO Center and the Women’s Affairs Team, in partnership with United Nations for Women and the support of the Swedish Agency for Development as part of the “Men and Women for gender equality” program, implemented by the United Nations for Women in the Middle East and North Africa for the course of three years in four Arab countries: Palestine, Morocco, Egypt, and Lebanon. The program aims at understanding the root cause of inequality between males and females, as well as developing societal solutions to involve men and teenagers in achieving equality among both genders.