Social Transformation - REFORM

Social Transformation

REFORM's Social Transformation programme aims to increase social cohesion and solidarity between the different components that make up Palestinian society, specifically focusing on bridging the gap between polarised groups. To this end, REFORM seeks to promote an agenda of national harmony through the establishment of safe acting platforms which encourage broad-based participation grounded in the principle of intellectual pluralism: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!" (Voltaire). REFORM teaches participants how to apply practical research methodologies in order to address conflict/crisis situations within Palestinian society, focusing on finding common ground between the conflicting parties. This programme is undertaken with the aims of:

  1. Combating discrimination and racism within Palestinian society.
  2. Enabling marginalised groups, especially women and youth, to engage in deep analysis of the root causes of crises within and between various components of Palestinian society, thereby equipping them with tools to transform it.
  3. Contributing to the formation of an enabling and supportive society capable of understanding how structure affects the development of Palestinian society and therefore capable of transcending it.

REFORM's Social Transformation programme teaches participants and community members to deal with difference and to at least see the value of listening to voices that do not necessarily represent their own views. It engages participants in a process of deep cultural analysis and rethinking prevailing values. In doing so, the Social Transformation programme works towards developing a social incubator for local development processes through identifying major social fault lines, which could jeopardise the rights and needs of marginalised groups, and bridging gaps between them.   

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