Date: 16.10.2022

Invitation to tender


The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM is a Palestinian NGO that works in the fields of empowerment, local development, and social transformation. Seeking to promote inclusion and social solidarity in Palestine through empowering marginalized hard-to-reach groups, and structural reform. REFORM aims to enhance the social and political participation of marginalized hard- to-reach groups and community activism, to facilitate equal access to public utilities through strengthening the capabilities of young and women, and to provide a reliable database for the political and administrative decision makers in Palestine.

REFORM is planning to ask for Hall Rental Quotation in WB and Gaza Strip, in order to carry out workshops between October and November 2022 for approximately (25) participant/day for 6 days in Gaza and 9 days in West Bank.

Interested Candidates shall submit their offers latest by Sunday, 23.10.2022, 12:00 PM.

· Provide 3 halls with coffee break 2 in West Bank (Bethlehem for 6 days, and Nablus for 3 days) and 1 in Gaza strip for 6 days, for conducting for 5 trainings (3 WB and 2 in Gaza Strip) each training will last for 3 days.  (8 hours for a day).
· The Hall should fit 25 participants.
· The Continuous Coffee break should include (hot drinks, water, Nescafé, herbs, orange juice, biscuits, salt and sweet pastries).
· The price should include providing lunch meal for the participants.
· The lunch for Buffet option should include (7 kind of salads, Rice, Vegetables 3 main courses includes chicken, meat, and fish, sweets, soft drinks includes cola and fresh juice, and soup).
· The tables and chairs should be arranged as requested by REFORM.
· The hall must have windows or AC for ventilation.
· The hall should have a water cooler.
· The hall must have fast Wi-Fi and strong electricity power and good lighting
· Include paper, pens, highlighters, projector and flipchart, ready in the training hall/room as per the request of REFORM team. 
· Include microphones, flipchart or white board at the training hall/room as per the request of REFORM team.
· Include hand sanitizers and face masks.

Offers must include the following:
1. Price offer should be per person submitted in EUR excluding vat.
2. Valid deduction at source certificate شهادة خصم مصدر سارية المفعول
3. Complete contact details of a person/s to whom further correspondence must be sent, including name, position, email address and phone number.

· Payment will be on the actual number of sessions.
· Price is per person including (hall, coffee break, and Lunch)
· REFORM has the right to cancel reservation before 48 hours for free.
· The Applicants must register on our procurement system E-connect using this link: REFORM (, and attached copy of the registration form with the offer.
· Offer should be signed and stamped in a sealed envelope and delivered by hand to the following address:

Gaza: Al Dameer association, Farah Building, first floor in Al shohada street, Gaza.

West Bank: The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development- REFORM, Tirawi Building, 2nd floor in Al Masyoun, Ramallah.

Evaluation criteria:

Submitted offer will be evaluated as follows:



Technical Offer


Halls variety


Variety of food supply (Menu)


Flexibility on cancelation


Financial Offer


Availability of parking lots reserved / training is a plus


Availability of branches, or ability to contract other Guest-house in different cities (Hotels should be specified) is a plus.




For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following contact details:

Telefax:  02-2966645, Email:

Thank you for your kind cooperation,
Sincerely yours,

Procurement Unit