REFORM implements a series of peer to peer sessions to discuss the importance of empowering women in public institutions 

With the participation of youth activists from “Active Men for Leader Women” project, The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development-REFORM carries out a series of peer to peer sessions to discuss the important role of men in achieving gender equality and supporting women in acquiring their rights in different fields. These sessions also aimed at highlighting how social complementarity between both genders contributes to the engagement of women in decision-making processes and to the promotion of Palestinian political experiment.

These sessions were implemented through a “Who’s Behind Me” game, which showcases examples of unconventional roles of women in public life. Afterwards, participants were provided with a discussion platform to develop ways to empower women in public life and enhance their political and social participation without any conditions or impediments.

Participant, Issa AL Khatib said that it is important to empower women by providing them with the same access that men have to leading positions. He also added that this activity has proven the ability of women to perform several tasks assigned to men, and that there are many Palestinian women who overcame countless challenges and obstacles to achieve their goals and condemn the stereotypical roles placed upon them.

This activity is part of societal opportunities for startup institutions, implemented by the development of NGO Center and the Women’s Affairs Team, in partnership with United Nations for Women and the support of the Swedish Agency for Development as part of the “Men and Women for gender equality” program, implemented by the United Nations for Women in the Middle East and North Africa for the course of three years in four Arab countries: Palestine, Morocco, Egypt, and Lebanon. The program aims at understanding the root cause of inequality between males and females, as well as developing societal solutions to involve men and teenagers in achieving equality among both genders.