1 August 2014 - 29 January 2015

About the Project

The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM, through the “Path to Justice” project, worked to establish agents of change in order to prevent gender based violence, develop and improve partnerships in regulatory processes among local communities, and use an in-depth analysis of power relations between different social groups to address current societal injustices related to gender. “Path to Justice” also aimed at facilitating access for women to justice through establishing support networks and by working collaboratively with all community members to combat cultural and structural violence and exclusionary social values, directed against women and marginalized communities. In addition, these groups worked together to hold decision makers accountable in effectively responding to the needs of marginalized groups, especially women.

“Path to Justice” strategically aimed at raising awareness about gender based violence, building and developing the skills of targeted groups and to promote the values of social integration. “Path to Justice” also aimed to integrate the various community components in shared spaces for action, and enhance the active use of media in monitoring legal violations against marginalized groups and women. In addition, the project aspired to enable the target groups to create structural change in regards to the relationships between different social components and to establish safe spaces for all community members.

Project Objectives:

• To raise awareness in the targeted areas in regards to rights and international conventions responsible for protecting the rights of women and disadvantaged groups.

• To establish groups capable of combating gender based violence.

• To build and develop the capacity of the target groups to make effective use of the media to improve the structural frameworks which govern the Palestinian society in regards to women’s rights issues.

• To document cases of violations against women.

• To establish interactive spaces between the working groups, their social surroundings and local active media organizations.

• To improve women’s partnership and participation in political and social life.


  • Analyzing the deep culture and structure of targeted areas.

  • Implementing awareness raising sessions in the targeted areas that address human rights violation, especially against women.

  • Implementing public meetings in the targeted areas that address issues related to women’s rights, with the attendance and participation of the media.
  • Implementing coordination meetings in the respective areas, between the target groups and local governance bodies, including municipalities and local councils which endeavor to increase the responsiveness of local authorities to the needs of women.
  • Awareness bulletins.
  • Broadcasting radio episodes which highlight issues related to women, gender based violence, identity and citizenship.

 Project Outcomes:

An empowered group of youth are capable of effectively using the media when tackling issues related to women.

• Raised social awareness against gender based violence.

• Advanced ability of the target groups to document and disseminate cases of violence.

• Training manual developed to contribute to institutionalising the target groups‘ intervention in battling structural and cultural violence in the targeted areas, especially gender based violence.

• A network of agents of change working towards improving women's access to justice.


 “Path to Justice” is supported by the Representative Office of the Republic of Germany, Foreign Office