The Innovation Hub seeks to enhance the partnership of different components within Palestinian society

With the participation of a number of youth activists, the Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM has implemented a reflection session at the Innovation Hub to discuss methods to enhance the partnership of different components within Palestinian society and promote the collective national identity.

Participants also discussed the existing polarization among various components of Palestinian society that resulted in the fragmentation of the collective national identity and the loss of all parties’ efforts in promoting cohesion within Palestinian society. They also discussed the 10 year-old internal division that led to unemployment, the lack of national strategies needed for building state institutions, as well as the lack of women and youth participation in public life and decision-making processes.

The session also tackled the role of youth in promoting the national identity for Palestinian citizens, re-establishing cooperation bridges among Palestinians from various orientations, consolidating the vales of national unity as well as combating negative phenomena as exclusion and fragmentation.

Moreover, participants shed light on the necessity of taking serious measures to proceed with the reconciliation process and address several social illnesses, as the absence of civil cohesion, lack of real developmental opportunities in marginalized areas, lack of women participation in public life as well as other challenges at the international level, as the Palestinian issue is no longer a priority for the international community.

At the end of the session, participants recommended the following:

  1. Enhancing cooperation among governmental bodies and civil society institutions to establish safe interactive spaces that facilitate youth meetings.
  2. Establish subhubs in different Palestinian areas.
  3. Enhancing the participation of youth, by engaging youth intellectuals and influencers in conducting awareness-raising sessions to combat polarization.
  4. Revive the Palestinian cultural heritage and the collective national identity.

This session come as part of the Innovation Hub – Sociocultural Platform which seeks to contribute to bridging the gaps between the various community components on both social and economic levels; providing a safe and interactive platform to enable all members of different groups of society to participate in decision making processes, especially youth and women; and to improve their living conditions by developing untraditional production patterns, enhancing cooperation and partnership between targets groups, and increasing social responsibility of the private sector.

This project is implemented by REFORM with the support of the Facilitating Social Participation of Palestinian Refugees (FASPAR). The FASPAR project was established by the German Government and is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.