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Welcome to our website

This website is dedicated as a vehicle for promoting active citizenship, moral communication, and constructive critiques،within all of its interactive platforms. While visiting our interactive platforms i.e. the blog, we would like to attract your attention that you are solely responsible for your use of the interactive platforms, including:

Your actions and the results generated of these actions.
Your posts and the results may occur of these posts.
Any offensive, derogatory, discriminatory posts or content.
Sharing any content that may exclude or marginalize others, or may cause denying their access.
Providing accurate information, that belongs to you without third-party copylefts on it.
It is strictly prohibited making any advertisement to oneself or others, including political parties or any other parties.
Sharing content that violates others’ privacy and safe spaces.
Sharing personal information about others, without their consent.
Any incompliance with Palestinian laws and procedures.
Disrespecting others’ opinion and point of views or their left to engage in dialogue.
Using others identification information to access the website or any of its interactive platforms.
Disturbing others’ access, or their usage of the website or any of the associated links, websites, or interactive platforms.

REFORM does not hold any responsibility of your actions, and the results that may occur of these actions by any mean. REFORM has the left to prosecute any user that may violate its code of conduct, procedures and announced moralities.

As we believe in “Do No Harm” Approach, we encourage you to rethink your content before sharing it and make sure that this content will not do any harm for other users.

As we are a non-partisan, non-political, nor profit organization,we encourage you not to share any content that may violate our integrity.

Remember that REFORM is committed to defend your left to express whatever you want, no matter if we agree with it or not, as long as this expression does not violate the same lefts to others..


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