Meet Sara Al-Jayyousi: A graduate of Al-Najah National University with a bachelor’s degree in Law


“Like any young woman who aspires to see her society in its best form, I wanted to make my mark in the Palestinian society. I promised myself that I will somehow make a difference. When I saw that REFORM was offering the opportunity to volunteer and participate in its trainings, I knew that this was the path that would allow me to begin and secure my journey. REFORM enabled me to meet and interact with other youth that think like me and have similar goals. At first, I thought that it would be like any other trainings I participated in, but soon it became clear to me that it was the complete opposite. What I learned and the skills I gained from my engagement with REFORM left a great impact on life. REFORM didn’t just treat me like a number, but rather provided me with leadership skills that increased my drive and ambition to do more.  

I was very pleased with the opportunities that REFORM offered us, as we were able to have deep and essential discussions with a variety of decision-makers, politicians and officials in order to voice out our needs and aspirations. What I enjoyed the most was that the technical training workshops were combined with real life experiences that allowed me to truly understand the concepts of active citizenship and good governance, and apply them to real life. Not only did I enrich my knowledge on legal and human rights, but also I became more familiar with social, political and civil laws that we never discussed during the classes I took in college. As a young Palestinian woman that is often deprived of her rights, I finally understand how my social and political participation can effect real change.

What was unique about this experience was that it actually allowed me to learn how to combat all the challenges and stereotypes that I, as a woman, encounter on a daily basis. Every step in my journey comes with difficulties, but REFORM has always been there to hold my hand throughout it all by empowering me and teaching me how to overcome them on my own. I came to the conclusion that being a woman is a blessing in disguise because these challenges are what make me grow, expanding my mind in new directions and finding alternative paths to achieving my goals.

In a few words, I can simply describe my experience with REFORM as ‘A once in a life time opportunity’. I didn’t expect to get gain so much knowledge that would help me navigate life! To me, the name REFORM means family, as it has become a family that welcomes all young men and women who have dreamed of a brighter tomorrow. Those who have dreamed for a society that truly promotes the values of democracy and transparency, a society that will be built with our efforts and commitment.”