REFORM held its first general assembly meeting for 2022, which discussed the annual financial and administrative reports, the Association’s 2022 budget and applications for new members to join the General Assembly.

In the beginning, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Hedaya Al-Shelleh, started the meeting by welcoming the members of the General Assembly and reviewing the agenda. Mr. Alaa Abu Sir, from the auditing firm "Deloitte," reviewed the financial audit report for 2021, indicating that the financial statements of REFORM are clear and explaining that there were not any observations that arose the interest of the auditors when conducting the audit, which is explained in the audit report.

In response to the financial strength of the Association, and whether the Association adopted the auditors’ recommendations on the diversification of financial resources in 2019, the audit firm indicated that the Association was able to diversify its financial resources significantly, and reduced its dependence on a limited number of funders, thus avoiding the risks that may arise from that reliability. The auditor reaffirmed that the Association in 2021 managed (14) projects from (14) funders, while it was relying on a very limited number in 2019.

For his part, Mr. Nadim Qandil, Operations Officer at REFORM, reviewed the administrative report for the year 2021, providing a full explanation of the most prominent outputs achieved by the Association in the past year, and its contributions to enabling its participants to assume leadership roles by enhancing their participation in the political sphere and their ability to understand the power relations between the different components of society, promoting safe spaces for dialogue between Palestinian youth and decision-makers.

Mr. Elias Khalil, Financial Officer at REFORM, reviewed the 2021 financial report, the reality of financial stability in terms of core funding, financing associated with projects and disbursement expectations for this year, as well as the proposal of the Association’s budget for 2022.

The addition of Ms. Ayat Kanaan, Fundraising and Communications Advisor, highlighted the Association’s relations and partnerships at the local and international levels, in addition to presenting the Association’s Vision for development and networking throughout 2022. The meeting concluded with the approval of the Association's budget for 2022 and applications of new applicants for membership in the General Assembly of REFORM.