REFORM and the Palestinian Child Center in Shufat Refugee Camp

Implement a Networking Day between Women and the Private Sector

The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development- REFORM, and the Palestinian Child Center in Shufat Refugee Camp held a networking day at the Innovation Hub. This day included an exhibition for marketing products handmade by women who participated in the More Job Opportunities “MJO” Project. Additionally, a number of Retailers who sell accessories and wax carvings attended this event, which aims at creating networking channels among women and the private sector to enable them of marketing their products.

The event, included an exhibition of wax carvings and accessories produced by women during the training. The attendees exchanged opinions and practical suggestions for the purpose of improving the products and marketing them properly between women on the one hand, and associations and retail owners on the other, whom expressed their gratitude for the women’s efforts and made their observations on the products and on the requirements of the local market. In addition to the challenges and obstacles facing emerging businesses and how to overcome them. They also expressed willingness to assist the participants in marketing their products in a way that generates a good economic revenue.

Ms. Rand Dabour participated in the event through her personal accessories project “Valestia”. Through this project, she discussed her experience and the social and market restrictions she faced, and her success in overcoming them. Moreover, she wished success to the women who participated, asking them to put more effort into defining their products, and more importantly framing the story and the philosophy behind their production process. Regarding marketing, Ms. Dabour said that there are many platforms to benefit from, such as social media sites.

REFORM and the Palestinian Child Center had already conducted a number of training sessions for a group of women about wax carving and decoration, home accessories, business fundamentals, networking and marketing skills, and project making. They were organized as part of the More Job Opportunities Project that is implemented by the Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development- REFORM.

REFORM, on behalf of Sawa Sawa organizations, is working to create a knowledgeable, competent, motivated, entrepreneurial and innovative workforce in Palestine - One that provides youth and women with better opportunities for employment and self - income. This newly designed project will build the capacities of youth and women in technical and vocational training, while at the same time providing entrepreneurial skills, thus integrating them into the labor market. The provided workshops will provide the opportunity to network with the private sector, civil society organizations and ministries.