15 December 2016 - 15 December 2017

About the Project

Creating an innovative workforce in Palestine

REFORM and Sawa Sawa organizations come together to create a knowledgeable, competent, motivated, entrepreneurial and innovative workforce in Palestine, one that provides youth and women with better opportunities for employment and self-income. This newly designed project will build the capacities of youth and women in technical and vocational training, while at the same time providing entrepreneurial skills, thus integrating them into the labor market. The provided workshops will provide the opportunity to network with the private sector, civil society organisations and ministries.

Technical and vocational education plays a vital role in national, sustainable economic and social development. Providing youth and women with technical skills in various areas, in addition to entrepreneurial and networking skills, will open doors of opportunity. The program's training and career development aspects are ideal for those who are eager to take on a non-traditional path. It also provides skilled labor that is needed at all levels of the economy. This in turn will support the growth of the economy and reduce the unemployment and poverty rates. This project will also provide the target groups with immediate opportunity to engage in labor market as self employers and contribute to establish community based workshops where target groups start their own production directly after finishing their training.

Objectives of Project

- To increase networking between civil society organizations, the private sector and official bodies.

- To enhance the capacities of target groups (high school dropouts and vocational education graduates) allowing them to start their own businesses and fulfill their needs.

 - To create awareness about vocational and technical education in the Palestinian society.

 - To improve the interpersonal and networking skills of targeted groups.

Target Groups

Direct Beneficiaries:  108 Youth and women (50% women) from marginalized and hard-to-reach areas of Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, ages between 18-39 years.

Indirect Beneficiaries: local communities


1. Facilitate interaction between private and public institutions, encouraging the private sector, local ministries and officials to improve their contributions to development;

2. Raise awareness, understanding and commitment through collective action;

3. Enhance technical, business fundamentals, interpersonal and networking skills of youth and women.

Expected Outcomes

- Increased awareness and coordination amongst various community components in regards to contributing to the enhancement of capacities of youth and women to reduce the unemployment rate.

- Youth and women have enhanced capacities to start their own businesses or received salaried employment.

- Youth are more aware about the current labor market and able to network with local businesses and other youth.

- Youth, women and men have a greater understanding of the advantages of technical and vocational education and able to combat their prevailing attitudes towards informal education.

- The private sector is more able to meet the demand of the market by hiring skilled labor.

The Sawa Sawa initiative was founded by the partner organizations of the GIZ Civil Peace Service (GIZ-ZFD): Sawa Sawa is aiming to overcome the growing social fragmentation between different areas of Palestine and to influence young Palestinian generations with different social backgrounds to integrate in their local communities through joint activities in the field of culture, arts and sports. This initiative contains a steering committee with representatives from each partner organizations, who are responsible for planning and organizing.

This project will be implemented in the governorates of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Nablus, on behalf of the Sawa Sawa Committee, founded and supported by the partner organisations of the GIZ Civil Peace Service (GIZ-ZFD), on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ): Ghirass Cultural Center in Bethlehem, Madaa Center in Silwan, the Palestinian Child Center in Shuafat refugee camp, Yafa Cultural Center in the Balata refugee camp and REFORM.

Click HERE for the Final Project Report.