REFORM launches “Political Mobilisers for Change” Project

The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM, and in partnership with Norwegian’s People Aid launched “”Political Mobilisers for Change” Project. The project aims to establish a group of social and political mobilisers and empower them to become active agents of change in their respective communities. The project also aims to promote cohesion amongst the different social components over the course of five months.

With the participation of more than 20 youth activist from the different governorates, REFORM concluded the first training workshop of the project on social transformation, which took place at REFORM’s premises in Ramallah over the course of five days. The aim of this training was to explore mechanisms for enhancing the political participation of youth across Area C and various refugee camps within Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

The training focused on enhancing the political participation of youth participants as well as developing their capacities and enabling them to engage in community work and assume more active roles in public life. Moreover, the training worked to enable youth to network and coordinate with decision makers and various components within Palestinian society and establish an effective youth body that is responsive to their needs and capable of promoting youth work using Facilitating Reform methodology

Ameer Jabareen, Project Coordinator at REFORM, pointed out that the training worked on identifying the sociocultural norms that regulates the action of youth within different spheres of public life. Also, it allowed for identifying the root causes of multiple social struggles and their impact on the participation of youth, specifically women, in the decision-making process. He added that REFORM works on encouraging its participants to learn how to apply practical research methodologies in social developmental processes in order to create safe spaces that enhance the participation of the public and ensure pluralism within society.

This training workshop comes as part of “Political Mobilisers for Change” Project, in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid. This project aims to enhance the participation of youth in decision making processes through building their capacities and rethinking the social structures to provide them with platforms to participate effectively towards achieving societal change.  The project also seeks to engage women in local councils and empower youth to participate in policy paper development and designing campaigns, and hold decision making processes accountable to the communities’ needs by implementing a number of meetings with decision makers in order to challenge exclusionary patterns in the democratic processes.