Innovation Hub- The Space You Want - REFORM

Innovation Hub- The Space You Want

The Innovation Hub – 'Hand in Hand', seeks to contribute to bridging the gaps between diverse groups of Palestinian youth by providing a safe and interactive platform, providing all members of Palestinian society with access to resources to improve their living conditions. Through establishing productive social dialogue and engaging in alternative productive systems, the Innovation Hub enhances social responsibility and increases participation of Palestinian youth in social, economic and political life. You can find us on Facebook here.



  1. To provide an incubator for small projects implemented by marginalised groups, particularly women and youth in refugee camps and villages in Area “C”. 

  2. To establish participatory action platforms for the different community components. 

  3. To contribute to the development of women and youth partnership in society. 

  4. To highlight the living conditions in under-served and hard-to-reach areas.

  5. To develop income generation and employment opportunities for women and youth.

  6. To establish an interactive platforms to promote participation in decision-making processes.

  7. To provide a consultative framework for women and youth grass-roots institutions.

  8. To host a one-stop-shop where unemployed youth can gain access to the resources, tools and networks necessary to make their ideas a reality.


  1. Interactive and participatory platforms through which diverse youth can come together to discuss ideas, plan initiatives and implement communal projects.

  2. A workshop space where young entrepreneurs can access the tools and materials necessary to create new products that reflect local needs. 

  3. A bazaar where participants and partnering women's cooperatives can showcase their products and the stories accompanying the production process.


Social transformation

  1. Enhanced awareness of the local population towards the promotion of a culture of community-led development and self-sufficiency.

Structural reform 

  1. Increased opportunities for youth to hold decision-makers to account and influence them. 

  2. Responsiveness of government officials to adopt supportive policies for that reflect the needs of women and youth enhanced. 

  3. Issues of concern to youth and women, particularly in marginalised areas, publicised.

Economic development (up-cycling)

  1. Participation of youth in local developmental processes enhanced.

  2. More support for socially and environmentally-oriented businesses and cooperative initiatives nationally. 

  3. Developed capacity of target groups to re-use available materials in innovative products.

  4. Increased access to the labor market and enhanced livlihood opportunities.

  5. Strengthened relationship between young graduates and local and national businesses.

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