Written by: Akram Atallah

Unlike all previous stages, the Palestinians are going through the most challenging conditions for their national programme. The closed horizon seems to have become a reality on the political level. On the human level, life has become more complex. Regarding internal relations, they are now counting the years of division. A state of helplessness overshadows the public discourse that is disengaged from what is occurring on the ground.

It is impossible to understand the Palestinian state without a wide movement that sees all aspects and concepts of the situation. Palestinians are astonished at this distinctive ongoing state of fragmentation. It is a state that has not been affected even by the heaviest event, despite their gravity. There is no unification between the components and Palestinians cannot jointly call for a single rational moment that ends this irrational situation.

The danger clearly appears in all its features and leaves no room for explanation. The new Israeli government declared war on Palestinian existence. This government plans to extinguish the West Bank and vows to strike Gaza and storm Jerusalem. They threaten to end the Palestinian Authority, disperse the Palestinians, harass prisoners and seize all funds. All of these policies are produced by the extremist religious discourse that considers the Palestinian an invader in this land.

The danger is great and the Palestinian reaction is disproportionate to its gravity. This alone is a cause for greater astonishment. In psychology, this happens in only two cases. The first case is when a child does not understand the danger and the second case is when an adult lacks the comprehension to understand the situation. In both cases, the results reinforce the disproportion, which is extremely frustrating.

A unique experience is found in the Gaza Strip, which is isolated from the world. Historically and from the beginning, Gaza is considered the foundation for the future Palestinian state. However, Gaza has reached a state of begging and hardship. After 15 years, five wars occurred and the dream to liberate Palestine crashed. Palestinians are unable to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip in an environment where the necessities of life are almost non-existent.

The situation is no less challenging in the West Bank where Palestinians govern themselves under the Occupation. They are witnessing the eradication of the dream to build a homeland. In the West Bank, settlements are expanding non-stop and without challenges. Checkpoints are blocking cities from each other and each city in the West Bank is looking for a state that suits it. They are searching for an economy model at the mercy of the Occupation and a civil administration that is seizing the Palestinian Authority's powers.

The Palestinian Authority's existence is threatened after the clear statements of the Israeli Politician Bezalel Smotrich. He considers that the presence of the authority is extra as it rules in "the land of the Jewish people - the land of the Torah."

The reality is much more difficult. The ultra-extremist government threatens the future. This government seeks to destroy reality and mix it with ancient and bloody myths about glorifying victory over the Palestinians and expelling them from their homeland. Myths that are taught in extremist schools of the religious parties have spread in recent decades to reach the nation, pressure governments and escape the army duty. With this new government, this norm that glorifies abolishing Palestinians has become the core of the relationship with the Palestinians.

Additionally, the Israeli politician Ben Gvir visited Al-Aqsa Mosque and cancelled the title East Jerusalem. This means that there is a larger programme for the city, which caused three critical historical events between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This includes the Tunnel uprising, the Second Intifada and the war against Gaza because of the flags march. Therefore, Ben Gvir also sent enough signals without an adequate Palestinian reaction.

He also visited the Israeli Prison Nafha, located in the South Eastern desert. Ben Gvir gave his instructions to attack the Palestinian prisoners, which he had been threatening for a long time. Here, he is preparing his programme to battle against the group of Palestinians that mostly affect the nation's conscience. Israel is preparing to open its comprehensive battles to settle the battle against the Palestinians, once and for all. This is in contrast to previous plans. This time, it is clear as it begins from the first week and before its first meeting. The government is chasing to deal with the effects of the Oslo Accords. This programme will not stop at the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem borders. It will also reach Palestinians from within Israel. They are preparing for a real war on all Palestinian existence.

All of this foreshadows the upcoming days and months. An atmosphere of pessimism hangs over Palestinians, perpetuated by their state of stillness that has lost its excitement and motivation. The utter lack of resourcefulness has been revealed.

Palestinians managed the most powerful struggles in the past. However, the difference is that they were united. Unity was a necessary survival condition throughout history. Otherwise, Palestinian have to anxiously wait for the endings. The fear of this ending is real, especially since there is no indication of the political practice's efforts to remedy the broken unity.

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