REFORM organizes a training workshop on the Art of Journal Writing

The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM implemented a three-day training workshop on the art of journal writing at the Innovation Hub in Ramallah with the participation of a number of media students and fresh graduates. The activity aimed at developing youth’s capacities on writing creative newsletters, articles, and reports, which will contribute to enhancing their engagement within the labor market, encouraging entrepreneurship and achieving community development.

The training shed light on the most important journalistic tools used in different media platforms and the proper use for each one. Moreover, participants were introduced to various mechanisms that will help them identify and voice out the most important issues that represent their concerns and needs, which in return promotes their sense of belonging and enhances their social participation.

Mahdi Hamdan, one of the participants and a member of Al-Jalazon Camp Social Media Center, pointed out that his experience in the training contributed to developing his skills in sharing, and writing news articles. He also added that this training has enabled him to achieve his aim accurately through reflecting true stories within camps and conveying messages from refugees to their surroundings.

This training is part of the Innovation Hub – Sociocultural Platform which seeks to contribute to bridging the gaps between the various community components on both social and economic levels; 1) providing a safe and interactive platform to enable all members of different groups of society to participate in decision making processes, especially youth and women; 2) to improve their living conditions by developing untraditional production patterns, enhancing cooperation and partnership between targets groups, and increasing social responsibility of the private sector.

This work has been achieved in cooperation with Facilitating Social Participation of Palestinian Refugees – GIZ implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GIZ).