Request for Quotation - Laptop, Projector and Camera

Request for Quotation - Catering Services

Request for Quotation - Half-Board Accomodation

Request for Quotation - Camp Leader

Request for Quotation - Scroll Saw

Request for Quotation - Hosting of Youth Camp

Call for Researchers - Conduct an action research on "The disparity of the economic capabilities in Palestinian Areas (C areas, Refugee Camps and Jerusalem) and how it affects equality and stability within Palestinian society

Call for Researchers - Conduct an action research on "Lack of spaces in Palestinian Refugee Camps and its impact on the developmental processes"

Call for Researchers - Conduct an action research on "Reducing UNRWA services and its effect on the social spheres in Refugee Camps within West Bank and Gaza Strip

Request for Quotation - Director for a Video Shooting

Request for Quotation - Up-cycling Trainer(s)

Request for Quotation - TV Screen

Request for Quotation - Meals Delivery and Supply

Request for Quotation - Video Director

Request for Quotation - Video Editor and Montage

Request for Quotation - Desktop and Laptop

Request for Quotation - Coffee Machine

Request for Quotation - Business Fundamental Expert

Request for quotation - Billboards

Request for Quotation - Accommodation, meals and training facilities

Request for Quotation - Hall Rental

Request for Quotation - Anniversary Reception

Request for Quotation - IT Expert

Request for Quotation - Producing Video

Request for Quotation - Stationary

Request for Quotation - Refreshments and Cleaning Supplies

Request for Quotation - Printing Promotional Materials *Please find the Guiding Form Here.

Request for Quotation - Field Researcher

Request for Quotation - Catering Services 

Request for Quotation - Field Researcher

Extended Request for Quotation- Up-cyling Trainers

Request for Quotation- Business Fundamental Expert in the following fields: Networking Skills and Marketing and Interpersonal Skills and Financial and Business Planning.

Request for Quotation- Field Researcher

Request for Quotation- Upcycling Trainer

Request for quotation - Media, drama & creative writing training
Extended Request for Quotation- Internet Hardware

Request for Quotation- Internet Hardware

Request for Quotation- Media Studio

Extended Request for Quotation- Documentary Film Making

Request for Accommodations- Rooms, Meals, Training Halls, etc.

"You are a Decision-maker" Program- Registration to Participate

Request for Quotation- Refreshments and Cleaning Supplies

Request for Quotation- Media Studio

Request for Quotation- Ramadan Iftar; Offer latest by 9 June 2016.

Request for Quotation- Ramadan Iftar

Request for Quotation- Training Embroidery on Accessories

Request for Quotation- Printing Promotional Materials- Click Here for Guiding Form that you may edit. Please be sure to read all information in the "Printing Promotional Materials" link.

Request for quotation Upcycling Trainer

Request for quotation- Documentary Film Making - Innovation Hub

Request for quotation- Training on Mosaic

Request for quotation- Designing and Printing Newspaper Magazine

Request for quotation- Documentary Film Making

Request for quotation- IT (Programming, Education, Entertainment)

Request for quotation- Monitoring and Documentation Training Workshops- Open 22.03.2016- 24.03.2016

Request for quotation- Meals/Sandwiches for Project Events- Open 16.02.2016- 18.02.2016

Request for quotation - Financial Auditing and Reporting for REFORM and its projects 30.12.2015

Request for quotation - document translation for REFORM

Request for quotation - building tools & materials 01.11.2015

Tender - Trainers/Facilitators for the ’Hand in Hand-Innovation Hub’ project 25.08.2015 - Download Training Agenda Form

Tender - Office Equipment 09.08.2015

Request for quotation - Full board accommodation & Accommodation with breakfast 05.08.2015

Requst for quotation - The design and printing for T-shirts, caps, mugs, bags for GUSU project 05.08.2015

Request for quotation - Meals (lunch & dinner) for 30 participants 05.08.2015

Request for quotation - Refreshments and cleaning supplies for REFORM projects

Trainers/Facilitators for the ’Hand in Hand-Innovation Hub’ project 22.07.2015 Download Training Agenda Form Tender has been extended for 06/08/2015

Tender - Office furniture 24.06.2015  Tender has been extended for 30/06/2015

Request for quotation- Rollups  10- 06 -2015

Request for quotation- Insurance 10.06.2015

Request for quotation - Stationary 10.06.2015

Ask for quotation - T-shirts+caps 12.04.2015

Request for qutation - Printing of training toolkit 02.04.2015

Request for qutation - Translation of training toolkit

Request for qutation - Design & Print Annual Report 29.03.2015

request for qotation-Server 16.03.2015

Request for quotation - Gender based violence 29.01.2015

Request for quotation-Lobbying and advocay 29.01.2015 

Request for Quotation-GUSU 28.01.2015

Request for quotation 27.01.2015

Request for Quotation 12.01.2015 

printings path appendix 24.11.2014

request for quotation- Reservation 06.11.2014 

Request for quotation 13.10.2014

Request for quotation- Financial Auditing and reporting for REFORM and its project 02.10.2014  

Request for Quotation- procurement 08.09.2014 ​

Tender brochure Path to Justice 04.09.2014​

Tender languages 3-08-2014

Tender supply computers and cameras 23-6-2014