15 June 2014 - 27 May 2015

About the Project:

The project "Platform to Act" comes as a step after Bridges and TATWEER projects, which were implemented over a year and a half, resulting in the establishment of youth groups in the targeted areas. These youth groups have the capacity to formulate and define their objectives, promote the participation of youth and women in political and social life, and improve the situation of local governance in marginalized areas, especially refugee camps and their surrounding areas, by creating opportunities to pressure local governance towards creating sustainable development interventions in their communities.

The ​ project Platform to Act is a continuation and advancement of ideas created during the previous Bridges and TATWEER projects. Platform to Act will institutionalize the change that has been achieved in the capabilities of the target groups through the creation of structures and systems responsive to the communities’ needs, as well as achieving the following goals within the seven month time-frame:

A. Institutionalize the work of the camp's youth groups and involve them in decision making processes; thus enhancing their ability to respond to the needs of an audience of their fellow young people in the camp.

B. Institutionalize the work of the youth group in Al Fawwar refugee camp and establish complementary and mutually beneficial relationships between civil institutions in the camp and the youth group, so as to advance the performance of the public service in Al Fawwar camp.

C. Work on building and developing the institutional capacity of the Media Centers in Qalandiya and Balata refugee camps, enable them to engage with the communities’ needs, and shed light on the disparities within the camp services system. The Media Centers will work to raise awareness about service provider issues and work to improve their capacities by gaining community support in order to put pressure on service providers in the camps to be more responsive to the community needs.

D. Development of the cultural appreciation initiatives in Al Aroub camp through art workshops and trainings, which aim to involve women and youth more effectively in sustaining the cultural and artistic profile of the camp.

E. Establish interactive spaces able to bridge the gaps between the Palestinian public in the targeted areas and the decision makers in terms of access to decision making processes, and develop more responsive local systems that address the needs of the general public, especially those in the targeted areas.

F. Bridge the gap between different community sectors in an effort to restore of community cohesiveness, peace, and security. These community values will be rectified through the promotion of home visits, and the promotion of conversation between young people and women in the targeted areas.

G. Improve the status of women and youth in decision-making positions in the targeted areas.

H. Develop the capacities of the Executive Office of Refugees, the Popular Committees, youth centers and the media centers in the targeted camps.