REFORM strives for a Palestinian society where everyone has the capacity to participate effectively, individual and collective rights are respected and pluralism is ensured in an independent Palestinian state.

REFORM’s mission is to contribute to an inclusive and pluralistic governance system, responsive to the citizens’ needs and based on citizenship values. REFORM adopted a strategy for sustainable empowerment of marginalized groups in order to provide equal opportunities for all and establish safe spaces for the different groups of society, especially women and youth, to address the various social fault lines, aiming at enhancing their individual and collective abilities in order to increase their role in public life.
Our work is guided by the following core values:

1-Participation: we believe that empowering social groups towards full participation in society, especially the marginalized groups, is a prerequisite in order to improve the living conditions of Palestinians.

2-Transparency and Accountability: we believe that access to information is a sacred right for every Palestinian. Hence, we are accountable and transparent in all what we do.

3-Ownership: we believe in a needs-based and participatory approach. Strengthening local capacities is the main guiding principle of all our activities.

4-Sustainability: we believe that our target groups are entitled to sustainability. For this reason, our impact is based on the needs of our beneficiaries and builds their capacity allowing them to continue being active beyond our intervention.

5-Integrity: we work in a transparent and cost-effective manner.
How do we intervene to imporove the capacity of marginalised
groups and enhance their participation in the public sphere ?

1-Action beside research.
2-Analysis the social and cultural realities.
3- Define our stratrgies support community ownership for development process.
Facilitating development and empowerment processes responisive to palestine communities
promote social to ensure equal access to public life